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itiss - itiss – providing you with information …

Guidelines – social network settings


  • It is worth checking with the BSL  D/deaf  User their own expectations
  • No alcohol to be consumed during any assignment.
  • Consideration needs to be given to meal times.  Check if you will be required to work through meals. If this is required, then arrangements should be made to eat beforehand or liaise with your co-interpreter on this [ if more than one Interpreter has been booked ]

Personal questions [s] addressed to the BSL / ENG Interpreter [ from a English spoken person] should be interpreted, this will allow the BSL D/deaf  person the option of explaining the boundaries etc involved when working with a BSL / ENG Interpreter.

  • If you are co-working the 2nd Interpreter should remain active as a support in case of difficulty arising particularly when working from BSL to ENG.
  • Being non-active does not allow for the excuse to leave for a smoke break or to make telephone calls [except in valid case of emergency]. This should be agreed beforehand with the User [ please note this would apply in a situation where only 2 BSL / ENG Interpreters are present]
  • Any environmental information should be interpreted where possible and in an appropriate manner.
  • The BSL / ENG Interpreter[s] must work the hours stated or agreed, unless the User decide otherwise [ in cases where the assigned finished earlier than expected / agreed ]
  • It is also worth noting out the possibility that you may be held back a bit later, especially if you have already made another booking for elsewhere after this booking.
  • The BSL / ENG Interpreter should always make time to ready any preparatory material provided before their assignment.
  • When working with / in a team [this consists of 3 or more BSL / ENG Interpreters] Interpreters should provide a channel of communication, to do this a Co-ordinator should be appointed] this person need not always be a BSL / ENG Interpreter, but could be someone who could act as one.   The Co-ordinator would then be responsible to inform everyone in the team of any changes/ requirements etc.

If two BSL / ENG Interpreters are booked, it would be advisable to give some thoughts to arranging a timetable of duties to make sure things run smoothly [i.e. half an hour each may not always be the best way depending on the situation and dynamic of the assignment.