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ITISS – Mentoring

What is Mentoring ? 
It is a powerful tool in developing individuals and supporting them through periods of increased learning and growth in their career or lives.

Mentoring occurs when a Mentor and Mentee work together to discover and develop the Mentees talents and to encourage them to gain, knowledge, skills and new behaviours / strategies as the opportunities or needs arise.  

Professional Mentoring support can be offered to any British Sign Language / EnglishInterpreter regardless of registration status.

Professional support is available for those who wish to pursue, enhance or further develop their professional career.  It can also be used to simply talk with someone on a like for like professional level.

The following can be offered in the language of your choice, i.e. English or British Sign Language or both to suit.   Mentoring is a vital part of ones professional and personal well-being. What sort of support can be offered? 

Emotional well being Psychological well being Professional Practical support
Career development Professional development Support and guidance with CPD / PDP
Role Modelling Time Management Stress Management
Linguistic / Language support Develop appropriate interpreting strategies Learn new strategies from fellow peerStrategies shared by peers
Problem solving Reflective learning Counselling
Anti-bullying Awareness Self assessment of skills Cross -cultural support / knowledge
Professional and Independent monitoring of own CPD progress. Translation/ Interpreting  support Independent Evaluation

Mentoring support can be given in an independent capacity and can be arranged to suit where possible.