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Who are the Independent Practitioners [IPs]?

This is another term used instead of the more well known term of freelance or freelancers. Using the term IP does not alter the work, the profession or professionalism of BSL / ENG Interpreters.

All Independent Practitioners are registered with different recognised interpreting bodies and abide by the Code of Professional Ethics and Conduct required by their respective professional registration bodies.

All IP’s are also required to hold a current Enhanced Disclosure Scotland. [CRB check in England /Wales /N.Ireland].

The following is a guide to the membership categories of the different recognised registration and professional bodies for BSL / ENG Interpreters. Following this guide will assist with the recommended fees and status involved.

The table below details categories of full registered members of BSL / ENG Interpreters with the various bodies involved.


MCIL Member of the Chartered Institute of Linguistics UK wide
MITI Member of the Institute of Translators and Interpreters UK & Europe wide
MASLI Member of Association of Sign Language Interpreters Professional Body for England / Wales / N. Ireland. – There is a network for Scottish based Interpreters, see SASLI.
MRSLI Member of the Register of Sign Language Interpreters Register of Interpreters in England / Wales / N. Ireland –(there is a small group of these interpreters working  in Scotland)
RMSASLI Registered Member of Scottish Association of Sign Language Interpreters Scotland only – SASLI is the Professional Body for Scotland only, and also holds the Register of Interpreters.


Having direct contact with IPs allows the User – [ a term used to describe an individual, private agency, public service providers, Government bodies ] the option, opportunity and flexibility in making their own booking of a BSL / ENG Interpreter direct without a third party involvement.

See b) below.

The User will be able to locate his / her preferred choice of Interpreter directly from the list of BSL / ENG Interpreters


This choice might be because of gender, experience, locality, or personal preference based on previous interpreting experiences.

Click here for the ITISS Guide to Using Independent Practitioners (IPs)