itiss – providing you with information …

itiss - itiss – providing you with information …


ITISS is unique in that it is a service that gives you the User the opportunity to book and choose your own British Sign Language / English  interpreter without any third party involvement.

ITISS is a not for profit service.

How can this be done?
The service has been designed to allow you the User to make your choice by direct contact with the British Sign Language/English interpreters of your own choosing.

Who can use this service?
Anyone requiring the use of a British Sign Language/English interpreter for communication between a British Sign Language using Deaf person and an English speaking person.
e.g. Individual, agencies, public service bodies, police, lawyers, GPs etc.

The added advantage is that you have privacy and control over your own booking.

ITISS aim to empower the User whilst at the same time remaining supportive of the professionalism and integrity of professional British Sign Language/ English interpreters within Scotland.

We take pride that our British Sign Language/ English interpreters are registered with various professional registration Interpreting Bodies not only in Scotland but UK wide too.

Independent Practitioners [IPs] can provide a service for all manner of events:

  • Medical appointments – GP/ Hospital / Dentist etc.
  • Job interviews
  • Training sessions
  • Conferences
  • Courts of Law
  • Child Protection
  • Training / media

The list is not exhaustive

All ITISS British Sign Language /English  interpreters must complete an Enhanced Disclosure Scotland with their respective professional interpreting registration body.